One on One Grooming for your furry friend

We are a one on one Groomers. Giving each dog the attention they deserve!


Our Services

We provide high quality grooming services in a hygienic, safe, modern salon. Providing the loving care your pet would receive at home.

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    Full Groom

    Includes bath & dried by hand. Styling. Nail clipping. Ear cleaning and plucked (if hair is non resistant). Large breeds and hand strip coats, no longer accepted. Prices start from...


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    Puppy Introduction

    Introduction to bath and drying process. Feet and face trim. Hygiene clip. Nail clip. Ear clean. Large breeds no longer accepted. Prices start from...


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    Mini Groom

    Includes bath & dried by hand. Tidy up around the eyes. Hygiene clip. Nails clipped. Paw pads cleared of hair. Large breeds no longer accepted. Prices start from...


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    This is for Visor (Fringe) trimming. Nail Clipping. Ear cleaning/Plucking of hair (if hair is not resistant). Sanitary area clipped to help keep clean, but not washed. Price for each item...


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    Bath & Nails

    Prices start from small, short coated breeds i.e. Chihuahua. The bigger the breed and thicker the coat, the higher the price. Please note this does not include clipping of the body. Large breeds no longer accepted. Price starts from...


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    Matted Coats

    Matted coats take time to remove. They can damaged and/or blunt equipment in the process. On average it can take between 2-3 hours, if it's a smaller sized breed. Larger breeds will take longer. This is also to give both the Groomer and dog/s time for breaks throughout the process. Large breed no longer accepted. Price starts from (plus a £10 equipment maintenance charge)...


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    Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning

    By the age of 3, 80% of dogs will have some level of dental disease...Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning is a very good way to get on top of your dog's oral health. We use a silent Ultrasound Toothbrush for 30 minutes, for initial sessions, and 20 minutes for maintenance. Price start from...


The Team



Manager/ Head Groomer




Sally B

My Cavalier has just had her “tidy up” and as usual I am very pleased with Steph’s work .My dog is very shy but Steph handles her so well.Highly recommend Top Dog


Brilliant Service!

Yvette Beer

As usual and for the past 6+ years Steph has given Barney a fantastic spa day. He's really showing his 12 years now and Steph takes great care with his challenges. My boy is always happy to go! Despite having quite severe separation anxiety.


Lovely and Professional Service


My Toy Poodle Poppy had her first puppy groom with Steph and I was so happy with the service provided, Steph was professional and listened to what I would like done, Poppy looked beautiful when I collected her and she was a very happy puppy. We will definitely be back and have already rebooked for next time. Thank you for a great professional service.


Fantastic job!


Molly has been going to Top Dog Groomers since her first visit. Another fab visit Molly always looks gorgeous and smells lovely. Steph does a fantastic job and very friendly. Definitely recommend Very professional! 🐶😁


Lovely Job!

Kathy J

As always Charlie has just had the most marvellous makeover. From going in looking like little yeti .. to coming out super smart and chic. Steph is great with him and does a fantastic groom, he smells divine. Today he was given a little Christmas bandana and a little treat bag to go..just another lovely gesture from Steph..Thank you..and Merry Christmas from Charlie and me x


Friendly and welcoming

Jayne J

Thank you to Steph for George's super smart groom and his gift of the Christmas bandana, we always get a friendly and welcoming service. Merry Christmas Steph, we look forward to seeing you again next year. ❤🐾🐶🎄 X


Wonderful Groom

Kate K

My dachsund Hugo had an appointment today, and he came out looking wonderful, a great cut, smelling fab and happy to be have been there ⭐️


Fantastic Service

John J

Thank you to Steph for George's latest haircut, he looks fantastic and smells great. On collection he is always really happy with a very waggy tail. Always a fantastic service. 🐾🐶💙



Cate J

Thank you so much for looking after Minnie. She bounced out of the salon and strutted down the street knowing that she looks amazing. Wonderful to have her in safe hands and the James family dogs all love Steph. X

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